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To-do List

Live an organised life with our smart to-do-list manager that keeps track of all your tasks in one place so thatyou never worry about forgetting anything again.

Auto Generated Timesheet

Stay away from time-consuming manual timesheet. Instead, enjoy the freedom of auto-generatedtimesheet that keeps track of your day without troubling you.

Complaints/ Ticket raising

We have a smart complaint/ ticket raising counter that is not just available 24x7 but also takes your pain of multiple follow-ups.


A simple two-click payment solution integrated with all existing multi-currency payment gateways andmultiple payment options.

Time Off

Our smart leave manager streamlines your employees' time offs and helps you tackle multiple employee concerns with a single stroke.

Claims & Approvals

We offer a perfect solution that ensures that missing the deadlines for filing claims and wasting time with follow-ups for approvals won't bother you anymore.

Survey/ Polls/ Feedback

Ask for feedback, conduct a survey or a poll in the simplest way and get the answers you need in one place.

Web Admin Dashboard/ Control Panel

Being admin comes with a load of responsibilities and here we try to take off some of your load by giving you access to control all aspect of the app on the single platform.

Live Face Check-In

Fast and accurate live face recognition and verification method is used to access the MRMS App and to check-in for the game. It has high tolerance to situational variables.

Highly Secured

Completely hacker-proof platform that can prevent any malicious attack on its highly secured Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit data encrypted server powered by IBM.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Authentication through biometric facial recognition, behavioural pattern recognition, unique password and OTP ensures complete safety of data.

Intelligent Scheduling

MRMS Scheduler takes the hassle of managing multiple apps for different tasks. It helps you prioritise your tasks and keep live updating them as you proceed.

Native, Third-Party & Custom Integration

Easy and quick integration with 100+ third-party enterprise solutions & native products without disturbing the existing workflow. Custom integration at our server also available.

Self-Time Valuation

Real-time capture of time spent on each and every task for a better understanding of self-value lost or gain with respect to the time spent was a gain or loss.

Push, In-App & Email Notifications

Push notifications playfully nudge you to checkout latest developments in your scheduled activities and personalised in-app messages and email notifications help you achieve your goals.

On Cloud/ In-House Hosting

In-house hosting gives you physical control over your backup while Cloud hosting saves your onsite hardware or capital expenses. Whatever you want, we offer both.

Data, Analytics & Insights Report

Detailed reports at the end of the week and month gives an insight into users' behaviour and facilitate growth and development in their performances.


Two clicks payment solution integrated with all existing multi-currency payment gateways and multiple payment options facilitate a digital wallet.

AI, ML, Big Data & DL Technology

Productivity is increased by digging into the data patterns and learning, inferring and recommending consistent as well as reliable solutions.

All-In-One Enterprise Solution

A virtual personal assistant that can handle all day-to-day enterprise activities and encourages to perform better by increasing efficiency while keeping engaged.

Biometric Facial Recognition

Facial recognition isn’t just for security, it can also be used for fun. We use it for registration as well check-in and check-outs for the game.

Behaviour Analysis Recognition

The inbuilt AI in MRMS App recognises your behaviour pattern while using the mobile and through understanding of your motion ensuring complete safety of your data.

Password & OTP Login

No one can access your data or play your game. The app can only be accessed through your personalised password and OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

AES 256 Bit Data Encryption

One of the most secure encryption method is used to protect your data which is virtually impossible to be broken by even the fastest computers.

Perfect Forward Secrecy Supported

PFS, which is a feature of specific key agreement protocols assures that your session keys will not be compromised even if the private key of the server is compromised.

Geo-Fencing Using GPS/RFID

Better Data With Strong Engagement Of Focussed Target While They Are At The Location Resulting In More Efficiency And Better ROI.

Customise Policy Integration

We know that each company has its own resource, shift, leaves, payment etc policies and with our customise policy integration we ensure it is not disturbed.

Alerts & Reminders

No need to remember things that you have to do. Our quick and easy to use smart in-app alerts and reminders will check your task list and do that for you.

Intelligent Service Desk

Leveraging data & analytics we build business intelligence through digital functionality, advanced knowledge management, contextual prioritization, predictability and personalization.

Intra-organisation Chat & Calling

Bye to multiple official groups on social media and calling costs. Stay connected with colleagues through Intra-organisation social network that facilitates chats and calling using internet.

Transfer From Cloud/On-premise Software

Seamless integration between cloud and on-premise applications while maintaining security of data transferred to ensure real-time information.

AI Assisted ESS & MSS

24x7 instant response, elimination of maze of a ticketing system, unbiased solutions leading to higher efficiency and reduced pressure of the employees and management.

Validate Visitors

Smooth live face check-in of the visitor entering the premises at MRMS Kiosk,instant notificationto the host and detailed visitor log makes validates the visitor.

Intelligent Web Dashboards

Intelligent Web Dashboard transforms the data into interactive, custom dashboards that are secure, informative, and engaging thus saving time.

Organisation Branding

The highly customisable interface facilitating organisation’s branding within the app by using its logo and official colour scheme and fonts.

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