MRMS App 3T Game is a complete business solution

Our engaging platform boosts the efficiency of your stakeholders by motivating them to put their best foot forward. It encourages retention and increase in productivity and performance of your business. The missions and challenges designed by our experts keep everyone involves and push them to level up the game to get amazing rewards and place on the wall of fame. The better and quicker the mission is completed, the more user progress in the game. With each completed mission, there is a reward. To make it more real, with each incomplete task, points are deducted. At the end of the day, week and month, there is a champ of the day, week and month. Constant good performer becomes all time champ.

Engage Employees

  • Performance & Promotion

  • Employees Retention

  • Performance Meter

  • Real-time Self Valuation

  • Increased team collaboration

  • Greater staff satisfaction

Business Boosting

  • Sales & Marketing Campaigns

  • Increased revenue and profitability

  • Improved ability to cross-sell

  • Anticipate best business model

  • Identify goals and quantify outcomes

  • Ensure your success

Easy Travel Engagement

  • Travel Gets Fun

  • Relation-building Time

  • Easy Access & Never get late

  • Know Your Fellow Riders

Customer/ Client Engagement

  • Better client relationships

  • Enhanced Communication

  • Improved Customer Experience

  • Know Your Customer

  • Less client attrition

  • Anticipate Customer Needs

Verified Visitors

  • Background Verification with Selfie

  • Know Your Visitor

  • M-pass Visitor & Vehicle Gate Entry

  • Reduced Process Involved

  • Restricted Visitor Access

Event Engagement

  • Face Registered Event Pass

  • Attendees & Exhibitors Engagement

  • Easy Agenda Access & networking

  • Real-time Self Valuation

  • Event Tickets & Booth Booking

  • Survey/ Feedback & Analytics Report

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